I’m doing a Dewey decimal challenge, reading my way through the Dewey classification of library books by the decades– one book from the 910s, one from the 630s, and so on, all the way through the full sequence of 000s to 999s covered under Dewey.

That’s 100* non-fiction books in total, so I expect it’ll take me a couple of years.   (I usually read about 60 books a year, but don’t want to completely give up my fiction habit!)

Why?  I find my local public library a bit challenging to browse, but when I stand in front of a single shelf and look carefully, I always find something interesting.  So why not make it a systematic Dewey Decimal challenge, find all of those quirky books hidden in the 820s (there must be some?), and learn a bit more about the world while I do it?


*Actually, it’s less than 100 books, as the Dewey system no longer uses some of the numbers; more on this later.


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