751 The Painter’s Handbook: A Complete Reference, by Mark David Gottsegen (2006).

This book is quite beautiful and very inspiring.  It’s a celebration of color, and a joyous one at that.  I think Gottsegen must have had a wonderful time working on it and I loved browsing through it.

Having said that, the book is also seriously uneven, especially for a volume that purports to be a complete reference.  The text is the equivalent of sound bites, with very little detail.  It also includes mutually contradictory statements, sometimes even on the same page (e.g., that greens are easy to mix from primary colors and that greens get muddy when mixed from primaries and so should be purchased in the tube).

Still, it is a real feast for the eyes and a treat for anyone who loves color.  A little sampler:

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One Response to Color

  1. DoingDewey says:

    What a beautiful book. Thanks for sharing pictures!

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