Knit ALL the things

746.432 Knitting in Plain English, by Maggie Righetti (2007)

746.432 The Joy of Knitting Companion, by Lisa Myers (2003)

746.432 Color Knitting the Easy Way, by Melissa Leapman (2010)

Knitting has an entire vocabulary of its own.  This is not surprising, as any craft has its share of technical terms: knit, purl, double-pointed needles, fingering weight yarn, and so on.  For example, I could describe a recent problem thusly:

I was having trouble with a WIP, so brought it down to my LYS.  The owner is super helpful and took pity on me, as I’d already ripped back twice and finally frogged it entirely.  I was supposed to work *K2, YO, K4, K2tog* for 5 inches, but found it so hypnotic that I kept losing my place.  And it didn’t help that this was my first time using DPNs.

See what I mean?  It’s gibberish!  (The knitting-to-English translation is simply that I was struggling knitting a baby hat and went to the yarn store to ask for help.)

And, in fact, this is how all of my knitting proceeds.  I read a book or find a print pattern, get into some trouble, and seek advice from many wise and generous knitters who congregate at the fantastic local yarn shop.  The end result, eventually, is a finished object, a complete scarf or toy or hat that came into being through my very own hands.  And then, having knit one thing, I immediately start to scheme about the next ten things that I want to knit (knit ALL the things!).

When I picked out books from the 740s, I wasn’t sure how I’d choose just one (read ALL the things!) and also was uncertain about what constitutes reading and reviewing a book that may largely consist of different stitch patterns and schematics for several alternative cast-ons.  In the end, I read all three.

These books make a great trio for me.  Righetti covers all of the basics, plus lots of little errors that I’d never realize I was making until it was too late.  Myers’ book gives an overview of all of the main categories– general instructions and tips for sweaters, hats, mittens, and so on.  As someone who has plunged right in, I find it really helpful to have a systematic look at the bigger picture.  And then, for fun, color!  Leapman’s book covers a multitude of stitch patterns that use just one color at a time but that result in fantastic fabrics.  Plus, she has a neat section on color combinations, using a color wheel.  What’s not to like?

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3 Responses to Knit ALL the things

  1. barbara munson says:

    Is that beautiful knitted object in the photo Lauren’s scarf by chance? It’s gorgeous! Keep at it so she has it by next fall/winter!

  2. deweyreader says:

    It is Lauren’s scarf and (drumroll, please!) it’s finished! But I want to finish her sister’s scarf before I give it to her, so I still do have a way to go.

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