The odd 810s

“American literature in English:” poetry, drama, and fiction to essays, speeches, and humor/ satire.  That’s a lot of ground to cover!  Given that fiction is shelved separately, the 810s strike me as an odd lot, sort of what got left over when the fiction was pulled out– as if fiction is something that library patrons read and all of the rest of American literature in English is not.  In my library, the 810s are dominated by poetry, some academic writing on famous authors, a tiny section of plays, and a smattering of memoirs that mostly appear to fall into the category “miscellaneous writings” (ouch!).  I must admit that I found the selection less than inspiring…

818.609  You Don’t Look Like Anyone I Know: A True Story of Family, Face Blindness, and Forgiveness, by Heather Sellers (2010).

813.54 Books: A Memoir, by Larry McMurtry (2008).

819.254 Belle Moral: A Natural History, by Ann-Marie MacDonald (2005).

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One Response to The odd 810s

  1. barbara munson says:

    I’m rooting for the McMurtry, although Ann Marie McDonald sounds familiar as an author also. Hmm–guess I’ll have to wait…..

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