O, the 590s!

I’m enamored of the 500s (science) in general, but the 590s are really a favorite.  Biology has always fascinated me and public libraries tend to be delightfully skewed toward whole-animal observation-based books (as opposed to the more reductionist biomolecular focus that’s more typical, I think, of current research).  I love this kind of reading, as it makes me pay more attention to the wild world around me– even if those wilds are just the neighboring woods.

598.1568 Living on the Wind: Across the Hemisphere with Migratory Birds, by Scott Weidensaul.

599.3232 Lily Pond: Four Years With a Family of Beavers, by Hope Ryden.

597.43  Eels: An Exploration, From New Zealand to the Sargasso, of the World’s Most Amazing and Mysterious Fish, by James Prosek.

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One Response to O, the 590s!

  1. Laura says:

    What a nice selection! Scott Weidensaul wrote a story for us several years ago, and he was a lovely writer and a pleasure to work with. I hope he’s good company in the 590s.

    I’m curious–do the call numbers recapitulate phylogeny? Fish are lower than birds are lower than mammals? Are bonobos 599.9999?

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