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Sweet 630s

Having already admitted my fondness for the 590s, I must now solidify my geekiness by confessing that my sentimental favorite in the Dewey Decimal system is the 630s.  Or, to be more specific, 636.1 (horses).  I acquired this fondness via … Continue reading

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O, the 590s!

I’m enamored of the 500s (science) in general, but the 590s are really a favorite.  Biology has always fascinated me and public libraries tend to be delightfully skewed toward whole-animal observation-based books (as opposed to the more reductionist biomolecular focus … Continue reading

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An incomplete sense of smell

612.86 What the Nose Knows: The Science of Scent in Everyday Life, by Gilbert Avery (2008). My book-choosing method– bringing home three books in a decade and then deciding which one to read– is leading to some serious borrower’s remorse.  … Continue reading

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